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Have you wanted to attract more business online but weren’t sure how? Have your customers told you that they couldn’t find your website? Have you heard of how other businesses are making money online through social media and not sure how?

This whole picture can be a bit daunting. You know you want to enlist some help, but you’re not sure where you need to start. Do you get a PR company? Do you find a web designer? Graphic designer? Do you pay for Google ads, sponsored posts, Facebook ads? Do you enlist an SEO agency? Who are the people you need, and how do you find them?

At redesignIT, we’re able to answer all these questions. We offer a full range of brand, web, graphic and media services, so we are equipped to either deliver these solutions in house or connect you with the right companies and contacts to get you the results. We take a holistic approach to your business, your brand and your presence to create and sell the story that will engage, intrigue and allure your target audience.

By engaging with one contact at redesignIT, you will be able to explore limitless possibilities to grow your business and unlock opportunities that were previously an unknown space.

A brief overview of our services

  • Website Services
  • Internet Marketing
  • Social Media Explained
  • Graphics & Branding

Website Services

At redesignIT we do more than just build websites; we make them work for you, helping you to bring in more business and opportunities to grow from your online presence.

Website Redesigns

Most established businesses will already have a website, but the way we use technology has exploded over the last 5 years, as should your website.

New Business Websites

redesignIT can help not only with setting up a website for your new business, but in getting it listed on search engines, directories and social media

Online Stores

Whether you have 1 product or 100,000, redesignIT can build and help you with all the tools you need to sell online, including payment gateways & logistics

Hosting & Support

Our servers are hosted here in Australia on certified Green Hosting servers, with 99.9% guaranteed uptime & support when you need it

Internet Marketing

While it's important to have an attractive, modern and properly functioning website, it is equally as important to drive and convert traffic on your website. We work in a number of areas to achieve results for your business.

Search Engine Optimisation

Organic search traffic is one of the most important areas to improve to bring more business in from your website. We identify and execute target keywords to get your business visible in the right search results

Search Engine Advertising

This area has grown to more than just 'top of Google' paid spaces, and we can guide you through Paid vs Organic, as well as remarketing opportunities and keyword research, competition & analytics.

Online Directories

redesignIT can source and list your business on directories in line with your industry and identify, plan and execute targeted advertisements through these directories

Google Analytics

With any campaigns you do online, one of the most important tools will be having access to knowing what worked and what didn't, as well as how many opportunities or sales each outlet brought in.

Social Media Explained

How can your business use social media to spend the word about your products or services? Who should you be targeting? How can your business make money on social media?

Social Media Pages

We help you identify which social media outlets you should be using for your specific business and why. We give you the who, why, what and when of posting through social media.

Engaging your audience

Once we've discovered who your target audience, how do you engage them? We can look at setting up competitions, giveaways as well creating content ideas & images for you to share

Social Media Advertising

We can set up once off or ongoing campaigns to either build your audience, increase conversions and sales or increase brand awareness that are targeted for maximum results


redesignIT can help you plan out your posts and effectively link these to specific areas of your website which will help in a number of ways to increase engagement and conversions.

Graphics & Branding

Throughout the course of the year, you may have promotions or events that need the right images and content to support them. We’re here when you need us to create and source the right images that reflect your brand and the purpose the media serves

Logos & Branding

Your logo is the first identifying point for your customers to your brand. Logos should be meaningful, express who you are and where possible send a clever subliminal message. We can help you with that.

Promo & Youtube Video

Video is a powerful media to send a message, support your clients or engage people with your brand. We can create promo videos for the internet as well as help you plan youtube & video blog campaigns.

Graphic Services

It takes more than a logo to tell your story. redesignIT can help you source and create the right graphics and photos to support communications, documents, flyers and social media

Stationery & Signatures

Maintain a consistent look across all your communications with email signatures, letter heads, envelopes, business cards, flyers, posters, post cards and loyalty cards to support your business mission.