02 Jan 2017

4 of My Favourite Social Media Tools

Back in the day I would do a bit of social media work, for both my clients and myself, but these days I tend to focus more on the web site of things and challenging myself to impossible tasks of making 2 or more independent systems talk to each other (easier said that done!). But, when I was doing more on social media, I found that a lot of the grunt work could be removed with social media tools & apps.

I still do, however, like to keep up with the cool kids and know my way around the social universe and all the cool tools and platforms to make it easier or more effective to spread your message through the grapevine.

Here is some of my personal favourite tools for social media. Some of them are specific to just one form of social media and others can be used to manage multiple accounts and streams.


Recommended Social Media Tools


1. Instant frames (Smartphone App by Pixel Force)

Social Media Tool for Instagram

Yes, there are a billion different collage and photo frame apps for Instagram, but this one is particularly good. Pay the $2.99 for the pro version, it gives you all the frames and a feature I particularly enjoy is all the different fonts that you can use for text. I use this app more for adding text on top of images than for photo collages, and it saves all your projects automatically- which is great for branded images, sending announcements, quotes etc to create a consistent feel. When I got a new phone, I simply restored my previous in-app purchase all was able to retrieve all my previous projects without restoring my phone from a previous backup. The list of things I like about this app goes on and on, like the ability to move the margins and weight of the frames. It’s $2.99 well spent!


2. Crowdfire (Smartphone App)

Social Media Tool for Instagram & Twitter

If you are guilty of the old ‘follow people to gain followers’ method, then Crowdfire is a great tool to quickly see who has engaged with you and unfollow people who don’t follow you. This app works with Twitter and Instagram and works within each of their policy guidelines so that your account doesn’t get flagged as spam. You can also use it to follow back people who are following you, see who your fans are, see who has recently begun or ceased following you.


3. Later (Desktop & Smartphone App)

Social Media Tool for Instagram

Later (previously Latergramme) is a nice light desktop tool & smartphone app for those who would like to schedule in their Instagram posts. It’s also great for posting images that are on your computer without messing around trying to get them on your phone to post. Unfortunately there still isn’t something that seamlessly posts to Instagram without human / phone interaction, but Later is great and you can schedule 30 posts for free each month, so it’s great for those who don’t need something for Facebook or Twitter and is nice and simple.


4. Hootsuite (Desktop & Smartphone App)

Social Media Tool for Facebook, Twitter & Instagram

Oh yes, no social media programs list would be complete without Ye olde faithful Hootsuite. It really is handy. You can manage multiple streams, keep an eye on mentions and lists and see your Facebook, Twitter & Instagram accounts in one stream. And the main benefit- scheduling! I love it because you can sit down and dedicate an afternoon to your social media presence and have it play out seemlessly over the next week, fortnight, month or year! The auto post feature is good (I was skeptical at first, but trust me it does make life easier!). If you do want to make social media a big part of your marketing plan then I do recommend upgrading to the pro plan, its around $200 a year but is well worth it.

Would you like to automatically post on social media from your website or include your social media pages on your website ? We can help with that!