20 Jun 2017

Why you need an SSL Certificate

As my clients would have all received an email from me stressing the importance, an SSL Certificate is something which now days is becoming necessary for every website.

What does an SSL certificate do?

In a nutshell, an SSL certificate secures your site by encrypting all the information between your visitors computer and your website.

Without encryption, any person or machine who intercepted the session would be able to see any details being filled in on the site, like credit card numbers, email addresses, contact information. What SSL does is send that information as an undecipherable key that only your server can understand. This protects your site visitors details from being stolen, sold or fraudulently used.

How can I obtain an SSL certificate?

There are normally 3 parts to this- first is to obtain the certificate, second is to install it, and third is to make sure that all parts of your website are covered. In the past you would typically pay $100-$300 per year for an active SSL certificate, but we are able to organise these for a once off cost without the need for an ongoing subscription for our clients. We would then need to install the certificate on the server and go through your website to ensure that every piece of content, code & image is calling over https://, instead of http://

If you contact us, we will take care of the entire process and there is nothing you need to do from your end, aside from provide us with access to your website and server.

I’ve purchased a security certificate in the past, but the Lock icon / Secure message isn’t showing in the browser

This could mean that

  1. Your certificate has not be properly provisioned
  2. There are parts of your website, or possibly all, that are requested over http:// instead of https://

Why do I need an SSL certificate?

There are a number of reasons, which recently have become more pressing, but here are the 3 most important reasons

  1. Information entered onto your site, such as a contact form, request for quote, payment details can be accessed by anyone. The spread private information is fast destroying the internet experience for everyone. Even if you don’t take payment information like credit card details, information such as names, email addresses are valuable for spammers
  2. Not having SSL will affect SEO and rankings. Google considered site security and SSL for search rankings, and gives preference to sites that are safe, secure, use best practices and https:// site addresses. Not having SSL can have an impact on potential customers finding your site
  3. Visitors will not do business with you. Google Chrome browser now alerts users when they are on a site that is not secured with SSL over https:// and warns them that it isn’t safe to enter any information or forms on the site because it is not secure. This means that people who are in the market to purchase your products and services are being advised not to interact with your site, and it could be costing you sales.


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